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Auxiliary Services Helps Repair Home for Local Family

By Pamela Gorsuch

This week, Crystal Carrick and her two children moved from a rundown, one-bedroom apartment plagued by mold and burglaries into a rehabbed Aberdeen home with a backyard where her children can play. The move was made possible in part by Auxiliary Services volunteers who worked on the house through Habitat for Humanity.

According to Event & Conference Services (ECS) Reservationist Beth Walsh, the project started as a way to fulfill the diversity goals that came out of the Reflective Process. After not getting much traction with the Baltimore City Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, Beth reached out to the Susquehanna Chapter in Harford County and was immediately assigned a project.

“[The Susquehanna Chapter] was awesome,” Beth said. “The people there welcome you and guide you through the process, helping you along the way. It was truly a great experience.”

In all, 14 Auxiliary Services employees worked on the Carrick home on three different days over the past two months. From painting walls to installing kitchen cabinets to building shelving, the volunteers worked with Habitat for Humanity staff to learn how to do various improvements and then carried them out on their own. Several of the volunteers found the process to be a great learning experience.

A group of the Auxiliary Services volunteers during one of the October work sessions.

“I can’t believe I was able to do it,” ECS Administrative Assistant Paula Clark said. “Normally my husband takes care of that kind of stuff!”

The home was dedicated to the Carrick family this Tuesday. Looking back on the experience, the volunteers agree that they would love to work with Habitat for Humanity in the future.

“I would absolutely do it again,” Auxiliary Services Administrative Assistant Kelly Crispo said. “It gives you a great sense of accomplishment to see the project progress and know that a family is benefitting from the work you did.”

Additional photos of the volunteers are below; they include Paula Clark, Kelly Crispo, Matt Curio, Sue Fata, Melanie Gormley, Jim McTygue, Bill Murphy, Krystle Ongaco, Frank Rankin, Joe Sabbat, Yvonne Stevenson, Jerri Sumwalt, Beth Walsh and Adam Weaver. For more information about the Susquehanna Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, go to http://www.habitatsusq.org.

Adam Weaver, Melanie Gormley, and Frank Rankin put their tools to use.

Matt Curio, Adam Weaver, Sue Fata and Bill Murphy volunteered on the project.

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