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Training & Development Launches New Mini-Certificates

By Sherry McKendry

When was the last time you or a colleague mused, “Gee…I have a few hours of extra time on my hands. What I should do?” Yeah right, in our dreams!  Everyone these days is so busy crunching 10 hours of work into an eight-hour day that it’s no wonder that we sometimes overlook the opportunities for improvement offered right here on campus by the Office of Human Resources’ Training & Development (T&D) unit.

Besides higher salaries and free parking, flexible training programs are one of the top requests from TU employees. In order to meet this need, Training & Development Manager Mike Noll has created new training programs that help employees work on developing skills while reducing out-of-office time. And did I mention it’s free? There’s no cost to you or your department. What more could you ask for?

The new mini-certificate is known as the competency focus. Its curriculum draws heavily from online workshops in Towson’s eLearning Center (TEC), but incorporates instructor-led courses as well. The curriculum is designed to be flexible, with the emphasis on online instruction making it easier for employees who have difficulty getting out of the office.  So far three mini-certificates have been created, and more are in the works. Here’s a little bit about each one:

  • Customer Service – This certificate incorporates three e-learning courses and one simulation course to help employees learn how to resolve customer complaints, identify customer needs, and consider the best interests of customers when making service decisions.
  • Performance Management – This certificate includes two e-learning courses plus two instructor-led courses and one simulation course that emphasizes the importance of performance reviews and demonstrates how to successfully lead them.  Getting and giving feedback is critical to your success and that of your staff.
  • Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals – In today’s world, you need both interpersonal skills and technical skills in order to be a top-notch support professional. This certificate’s five e-learning courses and one simulation course provide you with the tools to grow in both areas.

Individuals who complete the curriculum for one of the above programs will get a competency focus certificate confirming their training, not to mention the satisfaction from having new skills and knowledge to bring to the workplace. So, complete one of the programs for YOU.

For more information on the competency focus certificates, go to http://www.towson.edu/adminfinance/HR/training/ProfessionalDevelopmentCertificate.asp. For questions, contact the Training & Development unit at x4-6012 or hrtraining@towson.edu.

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