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The Mattinglys: Keeping it in the Family

By Donna Auvil

One of the things that people always say about working at Towson is that we are all a big family.  In more ways than one, this is so true for the Mattinglys.

University Budget Office Director Cathy Mattingly has worked at Towson for 30 years.   She started out working in the Budget Office right out of high school, and worked full-time while taking classes to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After earning her degree, she worked in several different departments on campus while earning her way to her current position.

Cathy’s husband Glen is also a TU alumnus, and they believe wholeheartedly in the education that the university offers. That belief has worn off on their children—all three of them are part of the Towson family! The Mattinglys’ oldest daughter Katelyn graduated last May with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.  Katelyn embraced the TU college spirit by living on campus and joining the TU chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. Younger daughter Kelly is a freshman and a member of TU’s field hockey team.  She is majoring in Math, and like her sister, she’s living on campus.

Not to be outdone by his two sisters, Cathy’s son Ryan is a TU employee in Facilities Management.  Ryan is participating in the four-year electrical apprenticeship program between Towson and Harford Community College, which he expects to complete in May 2013.

With 1,047 alumni who are TU employees (1,344 if you include current graduate assistants), it’s clear that many people get hooked on TU. There’s no better example of that than the Mattinglys!

Clockwise from top left: Kelly, Katelyn, Ryan, Glen and Cathy Mattingly.

The Mattingly family

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