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OTS Finds New Use for Old Phones

By Joanne Bracken

Over the past few weeks, TU’s Office of Technology Services (OTS) has created quite a buzz. OTS staff have begun installing the latest Voice-over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone technology to provide campus phone users with improved functionality and features. The technology has already been installed in the Administration Building, and the implementation should be complete across campus by mid-January 2012.

As thousands of old phones are replaced during the VOIP implementation, the question of disposal is inevitable. TU prides itself on being a sustainable institution, so how will we make sure the old phones don’t go to waste? Thanks to OTS Network Project Engineer Brenda Yarema, the university has a plan to get the old phones into new hands.

Brenda, an avid recycler, is overseeing the transfer of the old phones to organizations in need of equipment, starting with Salisbury University. Brenda has personally contacted a dozen or more organizations that also need to upgrade phone equipment but don’t have the financial resources to do so.

In order to facilitate the transfer, Brenda has gathered cardboard boxes which will be stationed in campus departments that are being transferred to VOIP. Once the VOIP phones are activated and the old phones are no longer needed, they can be deposited into the boxes and then collected for delivery to their new homes.

OTS is proud to be preventing electronic waste associated with the VOIP project and supporting outside organizations in improving their technology.  This is yet another example of how TU is thinking outside and demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community. It’s our goal to be known as a place of higher doing, not just higher learning.

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