Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

A&F Accolades

Every day, Administration and Finance employees work hard to deliver good service to customers both on and off campus. We’d like to honor all of your hard work in the new blog series A&F Accolades. Here’s how it works: if you have an accolade or compliment for an A&F colleague—anything from someone assisting you in a time of need, to someone helping you solve a problem or someone simply working hard on a project or initiative—email the person’s name and a brief description of why you think they deserve a nod to adminfinance@towson.edu (A&F accolades from employees outside the division will be accepted as well). The accolades will be published anonymously in the blog each month, helping to give credit where credit is due.

Send your accolades to us now for the first edition of A&F accolades!

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