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Campus Children Get a Lesson in Safety

By Pam Gorsuch

The traveling CARES (Children ARE Safe) Safety Center came to TU Thursday, September 29 to educate children at the campus Child Care Center on fire and home safety. The event was coordinated by Fire Safety Manager Paul Parrish in honor of Fire Safety Month, which is held during the month of September. Paul works in TU’s Office of Environmental Health & Safety.

The Safety Center is a 40-foot vehicle designed as a house on wheels. It contains a variety of exhibits that demonstrate child safety, including a mock oven, stairwell, bathtub and play area. When children enter the vehicle, they are met with two friendly guides who walk them through the exhibits and explain important safety practices in each area. The program concludes with a fire safety video that uses a fun cartoon format to teach children to stay away from hot or unsafe materials like tea kettles, curling irons and matches. According to Director of Environmental Health and Safety Larry Holbrook, the Center served a valuable purpose for the children.

“It was definitely a success,” Larry said. “It’s important to teach kids about safety practices when they’re young so that they become engrained in the kids’ minds and routines. You can’t start too early!”

The Center was created in 2004 as a partnership between Johns Hopkins, the Baltimore City Fire Department and other community agencies. Additional photos from the Center’s visit to Towson are below; you can find more information about the Center at www.hopkinscares.org.

A look at the CARES Safety Center

The outside of the CARES Safety Center.

Children enter the center.

Children from the Child Care Center head into the truck.

A guide greets the kids.

A CARES guide shows the exhibits to the children and shares important safety information.

Safety exhibit

One of the safety exhibits demonstrates the dangers of touching pots and pans on the stove.

Safety video

After looking at the exhibits, the children sat down to watch a fire safety video with the guides.

Guides and Paul

Paul Parrish, who organized the Center’s visit to Towson, stands with the CARES guides.

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