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Top Five Fall Things to Do

  • With a schedule of big games against powerhouses like College Park plus an undefeated record so far in the season, all staff should put attending a Tigers football game high on their fall to-do list. See the schedule to figure out when you want to go.
  • Check out the deals on the faculty/staff bulletin board or put up an offer of your own. It’s a great place to share worthwhile personal initiatives/deals that can’t go in the Daily Digest!
  • Football gameIf you haven’t already read the Annual Report, do it now! Then share it with your colleagues outside the department—there’s no shame in bragging about the great things going on in A&F!
  • The Saturday Science Series is back this fall with a great line up of speakers and topics. Be sure to take the kids for an educational and cost-effective weekend activity.
  • If you haven’t already toured the new West Village Commons and CLA building, take the chance to do it this fall. The weather’s great, and you can pick up breakfast or lunch at the Commons while you’re out!
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