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Summer Vacations: A Local Escape

By Pam Gorsuch

With a heavy workload and her hands full at home, Special Assistant to the Vice President Amie Voith needed a break. For her 30th birthday, Amie and her fiancé Todd booked a weekend getaway to the Harbourtowne Resort in St. Michael’s.

They enjoyed a waterfront view of the Chesapeake Bay and the beautiful maritime landscape. Before taking on the tennis courts or spending the day at the pool, Amie and her fiancé started each morning lounging by the water sipping their coffee and reading.St. Michael's MD

“It was great to escape my daily routine and appreciate the small pleasures that my busy schedule does not allow for,” Amie said. “Relaxing was easy for once.”

In the evenings, the couple strolled down the brick streets of the historic town of St. Michael’s. They explored the charming little shops, sampled drinks at the Eastern Shore Brewing Company and indulged in fresh seafood meals.

“We had the chance to do activities that we do not get to do together too often,” Amie said. “It was just the right spot for fun and peaceful relaxation.”

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