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Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the lives of your colleagues? Check out the information below to find out. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu. We’re always looking for items to add, so don’t be shy! 

July Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

July 1 – Dave Taylor, Facilities Management

July 2 – Tim Sandruck, Facilities Management

July 3 – Tammy Weichseldorfer, OTS

July 4 – Debra Boettcher, Facilities Management

July 4 – William Stafford, Facilities Management

July 5 – Matt Rising, OTS

July 7 – Phillip George, Facilities Management

July 7 – Lana Rybalnik, OTS

July 7 – Alison Armstrong, Auxiliary Services

July 9 – Barbara Hufnagel, Fiscal Planning and Services

July 9 – Shelly Sievers, Fiscal Planning and Services

July 9 – Jim Williamson, Fiscal Planning and Services

July 10 – William Briley, Auxiliary Services

July 10 – John De Armey, Facilities Management

July 11 – Mike Medairy, Facilities Management

July 11 – Michael Roddy, TUPD

July 13 – Lou Chaney, Facilities Management

July 13 – Joanne Kist, Fiscal Planning and Services

July 13 – Lisa Schmith, Human Resources

July 15 – Cynthia Andrews, Human Resources

July 15 – Mike Noll, Human Resources

July 15 – Hassan Sanda, Auxiliary Services

July 16 – Rance Burger, Facilities Management

July 17 – Tom Wentz, Facilities Management

July 18 – Christopher Betts, Facilities Management

July 18 – Valerie Panuska, Auxiliary Services

July 19 – Michele Kreider, Fiscal Planning and Services

July 19 – Lorraine Ziara-Denmark, Fiscal Planning and Services

July 20 – John Harris, Facilities Management

July 21 – Dave Socha, Facilities Management

July 24 – Verna Green, Auxiliary Services

July 27- Tobi Bennet, Facilities Management

July 28 – Ronald Peacock, Facilities Management

July 29 – Jen Streb, Financial Services

July 30 – Charlie Rummings, OTS

News and Announcements

Aramark’s contract with the university ended Thursday, June 30, and janitorial services are now being provided by ABM. No gaps in services are anticipated, but if you any housekeeping needs during the transition between the two vendors, please contact housekeeping directly at x4-3396.

Honors, Awards and Presentations

Cpl. George Morgan received his retirement badge plaque from the TUPD on Friday, June 3. The badge was presented to George by TUPD Sergeant Frank Remesch. It is a law enforcement tradition that an officer’s supervisor presents the officer with a badge upon retirement. Congratulations, George!

Jean Comer, Executive Administrative Assistant for the Office of Public Safety, graduated from the administrative cohort of the Building Bridges program earlier this spring. She received her certificate of completion at a ceremony at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. Congratulations, Jean!

Joe Oster, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services, and Pam Mooney, Director of Parking & Transportation Services, gave a presentation titled “Parking 101” at the National Association for College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) East Conference in Annapolis this June. The presentation reviewed the current status of the parking industry, leading into a discussion on the virtual parking concept being introduced on campus this fall. The presentation was well-attended and very well-received.

Joe Oster and Ralph Valle, Marketing Director for Auxiliary Services, also gave a presentation at the NACAS East Conference on marketing the multi-million dollar area of college auxiliary services. The program focused on the need to balance your marketing strategy in today’s marketplace using a variety of social, print and direct marketing approaches in order to connect with customers and compete in business today.

Births and Deaths

Executive Administrative Assistant Bernadette Reed just became a fourth-time grandmother! Her daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy earlier this week.

Susan Bracken Trumbull, passed away Saturday, June 25. Susan is the sister of OTS Executive Administrative Assistant Joanne Bracken. Susan is survived by a daughter. Our condolences go out to Joanne and her family.


Retirements and New Hires

Mail Sorting & Processing Supervisor Deborah Bowdoin will retire July 1, 2011. Best wishes, Deborah!

Jimmy Duffy was hired as the new Director of Access Control in the Office of Public Safety. Jimmy’s first day was June 21. Welcome aboard!

Longtime A&F student assistant Alfiya Galieva, who worked for Management Advisory & Compliance Services and the NRA Tax Office, has left the university. Best wishes to Alfiya!

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