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Meet the Staff- Parking and Transportation Services Manager Kenny West

Last fall, TU’s shuttles provided more than 200,000 rides and the campus carpooling program saved staff more than $2,000. Kenny West, Administration and Finance Manager for Parking and Transportation Services, has been a driving force behind improving the safety and efficiency of these types of programs.

Kenny’s passion for transportation developed during his freshman year in college at the University of Maryland College Park. Kenny took a part-time job driving for the school’s transportation department and enjoyed the department’s work. Following his graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in criminology/criminal justice, he decided to stay in the field and took a job at TU as the Operations Manager for Parking and Transportation Services. As the office grew, he was transitioned to his current position.

In his current role, Kenny takes care of general finances such as invoicing, major acquisitions and contracts, and also develops policies and manages written citations. He assists in organizing alternative transportation systems such as para-transit and MTA Transit as well as roadside assistance and carpooling programs when necessary. He also manages the costs and legal obligations associated with parking permits, citations and school-wide transportation requests.

“The most recent project that I’ve taken on is the virtual parking permit,” Kenny said. “Over the past several months it has become my pride and joy.”

Kenny and his colleagues from multiple campus departments worked to bring the virtual parking permit system to campus this May. The system, which goes into effect this August, uses license plate reader (LPR) technology to enforce permits, eliminating the need for costly print permits and reducing enforcement time. The system also allows students to charge their Bursar’s account for parking permits, something students have long requested. Kenny and his staff worked intently to compile the policies, rates and registration processes related to the new permit system and meet the students’ needs.

“I find it motivating to see a resulting product from long hours of hard work. Take the virtual parking pass for instance; these services came about because of team work and a drive to better accommodate students and make a difference on campus,” Kenny said.

For more information on the virtual parking pass, go here.


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