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Picnic Recap

The 2011 Employee Appreciation Picnic was held Friday, June 3 on Burdick Field. TU employees and their families gathered under sunny skies for food, drinks, games and giveaways. The event was sponsored by Auxiliary Services and planned by the TU Picnic Committee, whose volunteers did a fantastic job of organizing and staffing the event. The committee is chaired by Executive Administrative Assistant Jerri Sumwalt, and its members include Lori Armstrong from Alumni Relations, Donna Auvil from the Budget Office, Robin Boord from Copies Plus, John Dahlquist from Athletics, Stacy Elofir from the University Store, Susan Fata from Event & Conference Services, Rene Florendo from Facilities Management, Brian Fritsche from Financial Services, Deneice Fusco from Human Resources, John Latteri from Athletics, Phyllis May from Financial Services, Joe Oster from Auxiliary Services, Rod Petrocci from Dining Services, Rebecca Prell from Auxiliary Services, Warren Riefner from Facilities Management, Chris Shoul from Dining Services, Valerie Smith from the Chemistry Department, Paul Thomas from Facilities Management and Renee Watkins from the Chemistry Department.

A photo recap of event is below. To join the Picnic Committee, e-mail Jerri at jsumwalt@towson.edu.


A sign marks the entrance to the picnic location.

University Store Director Stacy Elofir hands out raffle tickets alongside AVP for Auxiliary Services Joe Oster.

Budget Coordinator Donna Auvil and Administrative Assistant Rebecca Prell work the cotton candy/popcorn stand.

Children of TU employees play in sand brought in for the event.


HR Specialist Jennifer Stano brought her husband and daughters to the picnic.


Amie Voith, Special Assistant to Vice President Sheehan, with her fiance and their daughter Macy.


Financial Services employees Linda O’Connor, Bill Meagher and Cathy Mattern grabbed a bite to eat.

TUPD Corporal Larry Bell spent time with his family at the picnic.

PeopleSoft Specialist Deanna Martinez with her husband Dennis and their daughter Rachel.

Facilities Management Driver Barry Pina and University Key Coordinator Jenny Weiner spent time at the picnic.

Contract Administrator Barbara Hufnagel with daughter (and TU alumna) Chris.

ECS staff joined Bursar Thom Ruby at one of the picnic tables.

Ellen Libao and Accounting Associate Phyllis May with their children.

University Store staff sat together at the picnic.

Lorraine Hart and her husband.

Donna Auvil’s children, Nick and Hannah.

TUPD Sergeant Frank Remesch, Captain Jerry Foracappo, AVP for Facilities Management Roger Hayden and Corporal Rick Saylor.

University Budget Coordinator Angie Hall with husband Mike.

Facilities Management Financial Transaction Coordinator Adela Lombardi with her granddaughter.

Children line up for the picnic’s bounce tent.


In the last several years, the picnic has attracted a larger number of employees than ever before.

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