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Tip of the Month: Using the Conversation View in the Outlook Web App

The new Outlook Web App groups conversation histories in a format called Conversation View. This format is similar to those in several web-based email programs such as Gmail. The conversation view will group together all conversations that share the same subject, regardless of the time and date of the e-mail. Conversation view is turned on by default in the Outlook Web App, and will be visible when you log in.

Toggling through messages within a “conversation”

  1. Click the right arrow adjacent to the Subject Heading in the Message View.
  2. The list of messages that have the same subject heading will appear in chronological order below the message.
  3. Click the arrow again to collapse the message view. Messages will now collapse and appear hidden with just the Subject Heading of the most recent message available.

Warning: If you delete the subject heading of the message, all messages within that conversation will also be deleted.


Disabling Conversation View

  1. To disable the conversation view, click the dropdown arrow next to the View command in the Message Menu Bar. A dropdown menu will appear.
  2. Under the Group by Conversations component, uncheck the Use Conversations option.
  3. The message list in the View Pane will return to a single chronological view.


To view a movie tutorial on this topic, go to the OTS Training website.

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