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Post Office Unveils New Equipment

The Post Office recently held two open houses to unveil new equipment which will dramatically improve the university’s capability to print, compile and send bulk mail. The new Halser equipment, located in the Print Center, has the capability to print addresses on a wide range of materials, as well as sort, compile, and address the material, and apply an indicia for postage. The equipment works hand-in-hand with Sartori Bulk Mailer software which double-checks mailing lists for duplicate entries and other addressing errors. It also cross-references against the national change-of-address directory. According to Bulk Mail Supervisor Leslie Lewis, the equipment not only reduces the instance of misguided mailings, but saves customers time and money as well.

“In the past, many groups would get together a group of staff and students to compile direct mail pieces,” Leslie said. “They would have to stuff each envelope by hand, apply the address label, and apply the postage. Now  all they have to do is send me their mailing list, and our equipment can do all of that—addressing, folding, stuffing, and sealing. It saves a lot of time.”

A few photos from one of the open houses are included below. For more information about the new equipment and large and bulk mailings, contact the Bulk Mailing Office at bulkmail@towson.edu.

Staff gather at the bulk mail open house, held late last month.

The new bulk mail printer, which is attached to a conveyor belt with fans to prevent addresses from smearing on glossy print materials.


Another piece of the new bulk mail equipment, this machine puts clear tabs on self-mailers and booklets to prevent them from opening during mailing. 

This piece of the new bulk mail equipment sorts, folds, stuffs and seals direct mail materials.

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