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Tip of the month: e-mailing nVision reports in PeopleSoft

Sharing nVision budget reports can become a time-consuming process when you have to separately run, download, and then attach to an e-mail. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Below, Financial Systems Specialist Gina Peach shares her tips for automatically emailing nVision reports from within PeopleSoft Financials.

  1. Log in to PeopleSoft Financials
  2. Go to Run nVision Report Book page
  3. Select report(s) to be run and select as of date
  4. Select the Run button and you will be taken to the Process Scheduler Request page
  5. In the type dropdown, select email
  6. In the format dropdown, select XLS.
  7. Click on the blue distribution link to set up email information.
  8. Fill out the subject line and message text that you want on the email
  9. Most importantly, enter the email addresses of recipients in the email address list section. Note:  You must separate each email address by a semi-colon or the email will not be sent.
  10. Click OK then click OK again on the next page and you will be taken back to your Report Book page
  11. Once the process runs successfully, instead of the system saving a copy of your report(s) in report manager, a copy of the report(s) will be automatically emailed to whoever you set up under the distribution hyperlink. A sample set-up is below.



For more information and tips on PeopleSoft Financials and nVision reports, go to the PeopleSoft Financials Training website or contact the PeopleSoft Financials Team at psteam@towson.edu or 410-704-5599, option 2.

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