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Five Questions on the PACS project with Project Manager Sandy Mryncza

Sandy Mryncza has been guiding the Personnel Authorization Consolidation Site (PACS) project for the past year and a half. As the project enters the go-live phase, we caught up with Sandy to see how things are going and how the campus will be affected.

Could you give us an update on how the project is progressing?

We are in the middle of overall project implementation and in the final stages of implementation at Towson, which is the first university to go live with PACS. Eventually, all six universities involved in the project will go live, utilizing Towson as the consolidation site/hub for routing personnel transactions to the Central Payroll Bureau (CPB).

Over the last two months the project team completed technical development, OHR training, testing, and a test cycle validation between Towson (the consolidation site) and CPB.  We are securing all final approvals and executing our go-live plan.

What is the next major step in project implementation?

There are 2 major components to the current project implementation; Towson PeopleSoft/Human Resource enhancements and PACS implementation.

Starting on March 4, Towson will begin doing single data entry of personnel transactions into our PeopleSoft system. At this point, the university will no longer have to dual-enter the same transactions into a separate online application supported by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).  Transactions will be extracted from PeopleSoft on a scheduled basis and sent to PACS for consolidation and transmission to CPB.  To accommodate this change, business processes have been updated and technical enhancements were implemented this past week.

The second component includes implementation of the PACS itself with related processes and procedures. The consolidation site will receive, process, and send transactions to CPB from Towson initially, with subsequent schools implementing the same procedures over the next 15 months.   Once implemented, Consolidation Site Manager Terry Love will be responsible for operations and will serve as the central point of contact between CPB, Towson and the other PACS schools, which include Bowie State University, Coppin State University, Frostburg University, Salisbury University and University of Baltimore.

The PACS technical components are being implemented this week in preparation for the transition to Towson as the consolidation site and liaison with CPB.

What is the rollout schedule for the project?

The following notes actual and projected go live schedules for the PACS consolidation site and each of the institutions included in the project:

  • PACS Consolidation Site – March 2011 (actual)
  • Towson University – March 2011 (actual)
  • Salisbury – Summer 2011 (projected)
  • Frostburg –  Summer  2011 (projected)
  • Bowie –  Fall  2011 (projected)
  • Coppin – Winter 2012 (projected)
  • University of Baltimore – Spring 2012 (projected)

How will the project affect the average TU faculty or staff member?

There should be no noticeable changes for the majority of end users, though there will be minimal changes to business processes within the Office of Human Resources.

When is the project expected to conclude?

We expect the consolidation site to be fully operational and the last participating school to begin sending transactions to Towson as the consolidation site in spring 2012. At this point, none of the six participating schools will have transaction processing with DBM.


For additional information on the PACS project and future PACS implementations, contact Sandy Mryncza at x4-2630. For information on PACS production support, contact Terry Love at x4-5933.

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