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Spotlight on the TUPD Patrol Bureau

Location: General Services

Commander: Robert Novak

Number of employees: 33 (26 Police officers, 6 police aids and one K-9 dog)

What the Patrol Bureau Does:

The Patrol Bureau’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of TU faculty, staff, students and visitors. The Bureau has a minimum of three officers and one supervisor on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The officers patrol campus, respond to reports of crime and enforce traffic and crosswalk laws. The bureau also provides security for on-campus events that require a police presence, such as Tigerfest, tailgates and sporting events.  In addition, the Bureau’s Operations Team (comprised of two Corporals) investigate and pursue leads on crimes that have been committed on campus.

In certain cases, Patrol Bureau officers assist in the investigation of and response to off-campus crimes. The Baltimore County Police Department will occasionally ask the TUPD for assistance, particularly if the off-campus crime was near the university or involved a student. Last year, a Patrol Bureau officer made an arrest in the robbery of the Subway on York Road.

2010 Patrol Bureau Stats:

Police reports completed: 1,087

Adults arrested: 160

Juveniles arrested: 4

Traffic citations issued: 305

Traffic warnings issued: 482


For more information on the TUPD, go to www.towson.edu/police.

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