Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the lives of your colleagues? Check out the information below to find out. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

February Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

February 2 – Sheila Tilghman, Auxiliary Services

February 5 – Linda Bohnenstengel, Financial Services

February 5 – Ray Brewer, Facilities Management

February 6 – Joseph Byer, Facilities Management

February 7 – Paul Andrews, OTS

February 7 – George Campbell, Facilities Management

February 7 – Al Lagos, Fiscal Planning & Services

February 9 – Cheryl Harris, Human Resources

February 9 – Pauletta Riley, Facilities Management

February 11 – Al Robinson, Facilities Management

February 13 – Ray Ingman, Facilities Management

February 13 – Toni Serruto, Fiscal Planning & Services

February 13 – Deb Simon, OTS

February 13 – Brenda Yarema, OTS

February 15 – Karen Minor, OTS

February 17 – Jerome Chandler, OTS

February 17 – Frank Fralinger, Facilities Management

February 19 – Paul Parrish, Office of Public Safety

February 21 – Dave Turner, Facilities Management

February 22 – Steve Mittman, Facilities Management

February 26 – Tom Garrison, OTS

February 26 – Matt Wynd, OTS

February 28 – Barbara Vollmer, Fiscal Planning and Services


Announcements and Reminders

On Wednesday, February 9, President Caret presented his testimony on behalf of TU to the House Appropriations Committee, Education and Economic Development Subcommittee. On Thursday, February 10, Caret presented his testimony on behalf of TU to the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. The testimony is available in full here.

A&F In the News

Is the construction worth the wait? – Towerlight, February 3, 2011

Towson now ‘StormReady’Towerlight, February 3, 2011

Towson University sets forum on new arena, – Towson Times, February 2, 2011

Awards and Honors

Congratulations to Financial Services employees Linda Bohnenstengel and Jamie Uppercue for completing the Office of Human Resources’ University Business Certificate! This certificate is designed for University employees responsible for business functions.

Congratulations to Ria Zimmerman of Financial Services, Julie Leary of OTS, and Bernard Allen of OTS for earning the TUSC Top Tiger award! These individuals were nominated for the award by their colleagues and selected through a drawing during the monthly TUSC meeting. Ria and Julie are recipients for the month of February, and Bernard was the recipient for the month of January. For more information or to nominate someone for the award, go here.

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