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A&F Staff Join Together for Annual Meeting

Staff members from across the Division of Administration and Finance gathered in the Potomac Lounge Wednesday, December 15 for the 2010 A&F Annual Meeting. Vice President James P. Sheehan hosted the event, speaking candidly about divisional accomplishments and challenges over the past year. He highlighted the success of several recent cost-savings projects that helped to keep the university budget “in the black,” including the paperless payroll initiative and modifications to the housekeeping contract, which are projected to save the university more than a quarter of a million dollars by this spring.

“All of the credit on these projects goes to you,” Sheehan said. “So many of you are doing great things for the division and making big strides for the university. I can’t commend you enough.”

In addition to recognizing past projects, Sheehan also addressed major divisional initiatives for calendar year 2011, including the completion of several construction projects and the development of divisional goals within the 2016 plan. He spoke briefly about the current projections for the state budget deficit and discussed how the deficit could affect the university.

“The hard truth is that the budget is going to get worse before it gets better,” Sheehan said. “Towson University is lucky to be in a good position because of the tough choices and budget cuts that we made last year, and I know that we will come out on the other side of this stronger and smarter.”

Sheehan credited A&F staff for moving the university forward during these tough economic times. His speech highlighted several divisional “unsung heroes” who went above and beyond in serving the university over the past year: Energy Manager Steve Kolb, Employee/Employer Relations and Training & Development Associate Mary T. Casterline, Contract Administrator Barbara Hufnagel, University Store Director Stacy Elofir, and Administrative Assistant Jean Comer.

After concluding his speech by thanking employees for all of their hard work, Sheehan presented the ACE Award finalists. The non-exempt finalists were Procurement Administrative Assistant Angela Rehrmann and Facilities Planning Administrative Assistant Carol Reidy.  The exempt finalists were Application Engineering Manager Tom Alcide, Software Training/Documentation Specialist Cyndi Caravello, Business Systems Manager Alberto Lagos, IT PeopleSoft Specialist Toni Serruto, and Financial Analyst Mardette Wetzelberger.

Angie Rehrmann took home the ACE award in the non-exempt category for her more than 20 years of service to the university. As Procurement Director Lucy Slaich explained, “Angela has delivered the best possible value to her colleagues and to the university every day through superb dependability and unwavering dedication to the job at hand—no matter how tedious the task, or how unrealistic the deadline.”

ACE award winner Angie Rehrmann

The exempt ACE award went to Toni Serruto, whom supervisor Laurie Jones described as “always enthusiastic about working on new projects to better customer service through automation.  She is the go-to person for the staff when issues arise and she never hesitates to assist co-workers in researching a problem.”

ACE award winner Toni Serruto

Following the ACE award presentation, employees gathered for the A&F holiday party, complete with food, refreshments, giveaways and music by the band Double Play. Photos from the event are below.

ACE award finalists Angie Rehrmann and Carol Reidy


ACE award finalists Tom Alcide, Cindy Caravello, Al Lagos, Toni Serruto and Mardette Wetzelberger


Administrative Assistant Diane Hammer and Associate Vice President Joe Oster raffled off university gear.

 University Budget Office employees Deanna Martinez, Vera Swearingen, Dorothy Proctor and Eric Martinez.


A&F employees Phil Ross, Jeff Schmidt, Jack Nye and Roger Hayden.

Bursar’s Office Staff Laurie Jones, Kevin McKenna, Toni Serruto, Michael Mullenholz and Linda Makowske


Human Resources employees Cheryl Harris, Robbi Hairston-Flood, and Jennifer Stano

Double Play, made up of A&F staff members Larry Dernetz and Chuck Conjar, played for the party.

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