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And the ACE Award Finalists Are…

Congratulations to the seven finalists for the Administration and Finance Commitment to Excellence (ACE) Award! The nominees are listed below, along with a brief description of the achievements and characteristics that qualified them for the award. Winners will be announced at the A&F Annual Meeting next Wednesday, December 15 in the Potomac Lounge.

Non-exempt Category

In her more than 20 years with Towson University, Administrative Assistant Angela Rehrmann has developed a keen eye and solid knowledge of procurement that enables her to serve as a safeguard during complex bid processes.  Angie uses her commitment to detail to ensure that bid information gathered from multiple sources is formed into coherent and complete documents, helping to streamline the procurement cycle and keep projects on deadline.

In a decade of enormous physical change for the university, Administrative Assistant Carol Reidy has been the lead support staff in the Facilities Planning department. Carol takes on that challenge with a smile. She consistently strives to learn new skills to improve her work and she is always looking for ways to make her department more efficient. There’s no doubt that her pleasant demeanor and on-point organization skills have been a great asset to Facilities, enabling projects like the development of the university’s master plan to stay on track.

Exempt Category

Application Engineering Manager Tom Alcide goes above and beyond his work requirements to make processes more manageable for his customers and colleagues. In the past year, he implemented work flows into his group’s operations to better track tasks and projects.  He became a Certified Associate Project Manager—on his own time– and helped develop project management templates that improved efficiency for OTS’s Enterprise Services.  It’s no wonder that many employees across the university consider Tom their go-to guy.

In just a few years with the university, Software Training and Documentation Specialist Cyndi Caravello has already made a big impact. She is beloved by her peers and customers for her commitment to continuously improving OTS training offerings and her willingness to keep learning new skills which she shares with colleagues across the university. Her professionalism and passion for training have resulted in numerous efficiencies throughout OTS and the university as a whole.

Business Systems Manager Alberto Lagos is known as a problem-solver in Financial Services. He handles tasks with a steadfastness that has earned him admiration from colleagues who know they can rely on him in a pinch. When Al isn’t helping others, he’s thinking of ways to streamline departmental procedures, like when he recently used his knowledge of Microsoft Access to decrease the time and effort involved with reconciling the Procurement Card System with state records.

PeopleSoft Specialist Toni Serruto helps coordinate the technical components of the Bursar’s Office – no easy task considering the tens of thousands of students and staff who get billed through the PeopleSoft system! During her more than 30 years with the university, Toni has been a tremendous asset on a number of projects, including the recent transition to an electronic billing system for tuition and monthly billing statements.  Her patient and dedicated customer service helped to smooth the transition for users accessing the system.

Financial Analyst Mardette Wetzelberger has the difficult task of managing the design, development, testing and implementation of general ledger account reconciliations in PeopleSoft Financials. It’s an often challenging and tedious job, but Mardette has taken it head-on. She quickly learned the ins and outs of the system and worked with colleagues in OTS and Financial Services to move the project forward. Her tenacity and dedication have been key to the project’s success.

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