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Life after A&F: saying goodbye to our grads

With graduation comes goodbye. This month, many A&F departments said farewell to longtime student employees who are moving on to pursue post-graduation goals. Below, four A&F alums share their memories and plans, including traveling the world and documenting the life of a concentration camp survivor…

Graduate Daniela Beall (right)

Graduate: Daniela Beall
Major: Environmental Science and Studies
Department: Facilities Planning

On her post-grad plans: I’m tagging along with a friend to tour Europe on the adventure of a lifetime! We’re starting in Prague and plan to hit Vienna, Venice, Rome, Paris and Berlin. We’re taking a train through Switzerland too- I’m so excited to see the Alps! I can’t wait to soak up the culture and eat delicious food.

I’m also going to explore my family history. My grandfather was a concentration camp survivor from the former Yugoslavia. My mom has a bunch of his notes and papers, and we’re going to get everything organized and possibly record some of the oral history around his life. I’d love to write a book with what we find.

On her proudest moment in A&F: I helped build the Eco-Reps program, which mobilizes students to advocate for–and spread awareness of–campus sustainability. The future of the program looks very bright in terms of growth and longevity. We presented certificates to the Eco Reps at the end of this year, and seeing how far the program has come was incredibly fulfilling.


Graduate Kossi Yovo

Graduate: Kossi Yovo
Major: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics
Department: Financial Services

On his post-grad plans: I’m going to tour graduate programs and visit family in Europe. Switzerland is one of three big countries that specialize in Bioinformatics; so I’m eager to visit colleges there. After that, I’ll visit my uncles in Germany and France to unwind. Then it’s back to work: I’ve applied to the master’s program in Bioinformatics at George Mason University.

On his parting words to A&F colleagues: Thank you for the experience, and for how awesome you’ve all been to work with! You’ve shown that you care how well I do both in school and in life, and you deftly walk the fine line of prioritizing well-being alongside performance. TU has the best employees and employers I could ever think of.


Graduate Thomas Slemp

Graduate: Thomas Slemp
Major: Mathematics and Economics
Department: OTS

On his work with A&F: I’ve spent five years helping faculty and staff resolve computer-related problems via the OTS Help Center. If you’ve ever called and spoken to Tom, then you’ve worked with me.

On his post-grad plans: I’m claiming my prize for winning The Associate –  a new job at SECU! I’ll spend the next year rotating through the company’s departments to learn the ropes and observe managerial styles as part of their leadership management program. At the end of the year, I’ll work to maintain a productive relationship between the university and SECU. It’ll be great to still work with the university in some capacity.

On his career goals: I’m interested in many different fields – finance, accounting, banking, IT. I’m hopeful that working with SECU will help me build on that, in addition to the IT experience and knowledge I gained by working with our amazing OTS staff.


Graduate Samantha Santy

Graduate: Samantha Santy
Major: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Department: Auxiliary Services

On her work with A&F: I’ve been working for the meal plan office for almost two really fun years! I mostly handled customer service tasks relating to meal plans and OneCards.

On her post-grad plans: I’m starting the master’s program in speech-language pathology at SUNY Plattsburgh. One day I’d love to work in a school system helping children overcome speech and language difficulties.

On how she unwinds: I love to run marathons and I have a blog that I started to write about my adventures in pursuing my master’s degree. During grad school, I want to use the blog to connect with both students and the running community. I’m already signed up for a half marathon in September!


Do you have any parting words for our grads? Share them below!

Written by Lindsey Morgan


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A&F Department Receives Bank of America Grant

By Pam Gorsuch

Towson University has been awarded a $25,000 grant to expand financial education initiatives on campus. Funded by Bank of America, the grant will result in the expansion of free tax preparation services for the campus community.

The grant is the second one to be awarded to TU under the management of Professor Melissa Groves in the College of Business and Economics (CBE) and Mary Fortier in Student Financial Services. The first grant, a $25,000 award given to TU last summer, enabled the university to offer free tax preparation services through CBE on several Saturdays during the spring of 2011 and host the first FinanceFest, which offered students a multitude of financial resources, including free credit reports and financial advising. According to Mary, the second grant will enable the university to grow these types of programs.

“It’s allowing us to build upon the foundation of financial education services that the university offers,” Mary said. “We’re creating new technology-based financial literacy programs, establishing a peer coaching/mentorship program and expanding tax preparation services to add an additional site in the Administration Building.”

The grant is providing the resources to establish Mary’s office as a tax preparation site which will offer services on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mary and other student and staff volunteers within her office will undergo tax training from the IRS this fall with the goal of having the services become available to students, faculty and staff around the beginning of tax season in mid-February. Services will be available by appointment to any member of the campus community with an income of less than $45,000 per year.

“Whereas before, we were only trained to provide assistance to citizens, the training we’re getting this fall will enable us to offer services to international students as well,” Mary said. “When you factor that in to the additional availability offered by the new site’s weekday schedule, I estimate that we’ll be able to at least double the number of people that we can assist in the preparation of tax returns.”

The tax training is being provided to Mary and the volunteers for free by the Baltimore Cash Campaign, which assists in identifying and establishing tax preparation sites on behalf of the IRS. The Campaign is a member of the Maryland Coalition for Financial Literacy (housed at TU) alongside Mary, Melissa, and Bank of America.

Mary’s office is still in need of volunteers to become a tax preparation advisor. Individuals interested in volunteering should contact Mary at x4-5269 or mfortier@towson.edu.  Information on how to schedule an appointment for free tax services will be available on the Daily Digest and Financial Services website this spring.

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