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A fond farewell to an OTS friend

Brenda Yarema and Alex

Brenda Yarema with her husband Alex.

OTS Network Project Engineer Brenda Yarema will be retiring from TU as of April 1, taking with her decades of institutional knowledge and insight. Though her retirement is well-deserved, she will be greatly missed.

Brenda started working at TU more than 20 years ago spending much of her time in Academic Computing and the Office of Technology Services (formerly known as CANS). Her work has contributed to the success of many OTS projects including, but certainly not limited to, the installation of the original TU network, the refresh of the current campus data network, wireless network installations and the development of TU’s current VoIP phone system.

Active in the Council of University System Staff (CUSS) and the Towson University Staff Council (TUSC), which she chaired for three years, Brenda unabashedly participated in important shared governance issues pertinent to staff on campus and across the state.  Brenda can also be credited with co-creating and implementing (alongside other dedicated TU staff) the first Staff Development Conference.  She has been a tireless advocate at the Maryland State Legislature and has worked on several state and national political campaigns.

Brenda’s future plans involve a trip to Poznan, Poland to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) this summer. Brenda and her husband Alex spent part of last summer there and loved the experience so much that they signed up for a second trip. In the short term, the couple plans to pack the car and hit the road, touring states they didn’t have time to visit when they were working full time.  They look forward to being free spirits for a while—traveling with no plans and no agendas.

“It has been a pleasure to work these past twenty plus years at Towson University,” Brenda said. “I am truly grateful to have worked with many professional people, for the many personal friendships I have made, and the numerous favorable opportunities I have encountered. It has been a great place to work.”

Best wishes to Brenda in her retirement and many thanks for 20 years of great work.

Did you work with Brenda? Leave her well-wishes for retirement in the comments section below!

Written by Joanne Bracken

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Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, recent new hires, and next month’s birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail


Procurement Administrative Assistant Angela Rehrmann will retire March 31 with approximately 25 years of service. Warm wishes to Angie for a happy and healthy future!

In The News

Towson U holds drills to prepare students for major emergency
4 universities innovating at their campus bookstores
Towson U posts lowest on-campus crime rate in decades
Towson U, Baltimore County collaborating on Cross Campus Drive improvements

New Hires

Join us in giving a warm welcome to these new A&F employees:

  • Matthew Busler - plumber, Facilities Management 
  • Frederick Rauh - carpenter, Facilities Management
  • Karen Johnson - police officer, TUPD 
  • Dominick DeRemigis -carpenter, Facilities Management 
  • Michael Snider - project cost estimator, Facilities Management 
  • Bradley Hoebeke - carpenter, Facilities Management 
  • Michael Tirschman - electrician, Facilities Management 
  • Justin Clark - mechanical assistant, Dining Services


CAB’s Country Concert featuring “Cowboys and Angels” singer Dustin Lynch will be held in the Union tonight at 8 p.m. The event is open to the public; tickets for non-students are $15.

Dr. Holly Gilbert from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center will discuss and show some of the dynamic phenomena that occur on the sun at the next Saturday Morning Science event, April 5 at 10 a.m. and noon.

The 2014 Employee Appreciation Picnic will be held Friday, May 30 from 4 to 8 p.m. on Burdick Field. Save the date!


April 2 – Michael Devoe, Facilities Management
April 3 – Mike Franklin, Auxiliary Services
April 3 – Lucy Slaich, Fiscal Planning & Services
April 4 – Tim Byrnes, OTS
April 5 – Mark Temmel, Facilities Management
April 7 – Lisa Taylor, Facilities Management
April 9 — Karen Mullaney, Auxiliary Services
April 11 – Steve Wingerd, Facilities Management
April 11 – Brian Cooney, OTS
April 11 – Virgil Lemaster, Facilities Management
April 12 – Donna Taylor, OTS
April 12 — Valerie Brown, Auxiliary Services
April 13 – Barry Pina, Facilities Management
April 14 – Jeff Koerber, OTS
April 14 – Carol Watts, OTS
April 15 – Cheryl Webb, Budget Office
April 15 — Lindsay Guckert, Auxiliary Services
April 15 — Darren Hess, Auxiliary Services
April 16 – Kim Dugent, Fiscal Planning & Services
April 17 – Craig Fringer, Office of Public Safety
April 17 — Thomas Judd, Auxiliary Services
April 18 – John Propst, Facilities Management
April 19 – Julie Leary, OTS
April 20 – Benjamin Berry, Facilities Management
April 21 – David Mayhew, Facilities Management
April 22 – Adela Lombardi, Facilities Management
April 23 — Margot Van Den Berghe, Auxiliary Services
April 23 — Meredith Brown, Auxiliary Services
April 23 – Ruth Schmidt, Auxiliary Services
April 24 – Dana Hall, Auxiliary Services
April 26 – James Norman, Facilities Management
April 27 – Marie Weber, Facilities Management
April 28 – Rich Sullivan, OTS
April 28 – Jay Taffel, OTS
April 29 – Eric Cannizzo, OTS

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Personnel Announcement

From retirements to A&F in the news, the personnel announcement is your resource for what’s happening in the division. If you’d like to contribute an item to the announcement, e-mail

Did You Know

University Fleet Coordinator Deb Boettcher is retiring today after 30 years with the university. Stop by the General Services conference room between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. today to wish her goodbye! We will miss you, Deb!


The TUPD has received a $10,000 grant from BG&E to place basic life support kits in the department’s vehicles. This is the first corporate grant given to the TUPD.


TU is participating in RecycleMania from February 2 to March 29. The competition pits more than 400 colleges and universities nationwide against one another to see who can have the highest recycling percentages and the least amount of waste. Results will be announced in April.

In The News

Towson’s SECU Arena Fills Niche In Baltimore Region
Towson U Pilots Solar Charging Stations


March 2 – Brian Fritsche, Financial Services
March 3 – Leroy McKee, Facilities Management
March 6 – Sandy Erhart, Bursar’s Office
March 6 – Jack Stark, OTS
March 7 – John Roth, Facilities Management
March 8 – Ginger McGeehan, Facilities Management
March 8 – Dwayne Wilson, Facilities Management
March 9 – Teri Cromwell, OTS
March 10 – Nicole Cosentino, OTS
March 10 – David Sies, Facilities Management
March 11 – Clay Minor, Facilities Management
March 11 – David Hahn, Postal Operations
March 13 – Jeannie Deckelbaum, Auxiliary Services
March 16 – Mary Dunaway, Human Resources
March 16 – Terry Mullen, Auxiliary Services
March 20 – Victoria Napper, Financial Services
March 21 – Thomas Boettcher, Postal Services
March 21 – Bryan Lopata, Facilities Management
March 24—Joe Sabbat, Auxiliary Services
March 25 – Emily Centeno, Postal Services
March 25—John Dinsmore, Facilities Management
March 26 – Jeff Barnes, Facilities Management
March 26—Ken Keady, Facilities Management
March 26 – Dave Steurnagle, Facilities Management
March 27 – Rafael Montoya, Facilities Management
March 28 – Lee Warner, Bursar’s Office

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Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, announcements and birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail

Did You Know

Facilities Management received 31,808 work orders from January to November 2013. See other fascinating facts about the division in our newly-released Annual Report.

2013 Annual Report CoverAnnouncements

A&F’s 2013 Annual Report, “Partnerships with Purpose,” covers key divisional projects & accomplishments from the past year. All staff members will receive a copy through their AVP and are encouraged to review the report closely. The report is available online here.

TU is one of the first institutions to prototype a solar-powered table that can charge laptops, tablets and mobile devices using power from a solar “umbrella”. The charging table is available for use on the University Union patio outside the Potomac Lounge.


A grand opening celebration is being planned for the new Health & Counseling Centers, which opened earlier this month. Stay tuned to T3 for updates on the time and date.


February 2 – Sheila Tilghman, Auxiliary Services
February 2 –Renee Norman, Facilities
February 4 – Fran Kateley, Auxiliary Services
February 5 – Ray Brewer, Facilities
February 6 – Joseph Byer, Facilities
February 7 – Paul Andrews, OTS
February 7 – George Campbell, Facilities
February 7 – Al Lagos, Fiscal Planning & Services
February 9 – Cheryl Harris, HR
February 9 – Pauletta Riley, Facilities
February 11- Andre Passas, Facilities Management
February 11 – Al Robinson, Facilities Management
February 13 – Ray Ingman, Facilities Management
February 13 – Toni Serruto, Fiscal Planning & Services
February 13 – Deb Simon, OTS
February 13 – Brenda Yarema, OTS
February 15 – Karen Minor, OTS
February 17 – Jerome Chandler, OTS
February 17 – Frank Fralinger, Facilities
February 18 –Mary Weir, Fiscal Planning & Services
February 19 – Paul Parrish, Public Safety
February 21 – Dave Turner, Facilities
February 26 – Tom Garrison, OTS
February 26 – Matt Wynd, OTS
February 26 – Robin Boord, Auxiliary Services
February 27 –Shawn Mahonski, Facilities
February 28 – Barbara Vollmer, Fiscal Planning & Services


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Personnel announcement & ACE Award winners

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Find out below! If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail


January 1 – Angie Rehrman, Procurement
January 7 – Christine Trzcinski, Financial Services
January 7 – Mark Turner, Facilities Management
January 14 – Andy Bell, OTS
January 14 – Lynn Perkins, Procurement
January 16 – Patrick Hyde, Facilities Management
January 17 – Debbie Asbury, Financial Services
January 17 – Patrick Rohe, OTS
January 17—Tyler New, A&F VP Office
January 20 – Stuart Heilman, Procurement
January 20 – Donna Amoriello, Financial Services
January 21 – Tom Hodges, Facilities Management
January 21—Kirk Young, Facilities Management
January 22 – Mary Anne Czyz, OTS
January 22 – Paul Thomas, Facilities Management
January 24—Kelsey Schwartz, Facilities Management
January 25 – Phil Butler, Facilities Management
January 26 – Robert Walton, Auxiliary Services
January 26 – Michael Mullenholz, Bursar’s Office
January 27 – Laurie Jones, Bursar’s Office
January 28 – Paula Clark, Auxiliary Services
January 29 – Raza Hasan, OTS
January 30—Kerry Spence, Facilities Management
January 31 – Ben Patterson, Facilities Management


Celebrate A&F Hoop Day Saturday, January 11 in SECU Arena. Join us at 1 p.m. for food and refreshments on the balcony, then take a seat as the Tigers take on UNC Wilmington at 2 p.m. RSVP to Diane Gossman at by today. Game tickets can be purchased via TU’s ticket office.

ACE Awards

The 11th Annual Administration & Finance Commitment to Excellence (ACE) Awards were announced at the Annual Meeting Wednesday, December 18. Congratulations to the following nominees:

Non-Exempt ACE Award Nominees

Robert Donatelli
Denise Fisher
Samuel Hannigan
Randy Peaker
Charise Rice
Don Sauer
Jermaine Vaughn
Carol (Lee) Warner

Exempt ACE Award Nominees

Robert Cave
Joanne Forrester
Mike Franklin
Brian Fritsche
Erna Kesler
Jeff Koerber
Deanna Martinez
Peter Morin
Mike Noll
Gina Peach
Charlie Rummings
Vicki Shifflett
Jennifer Stano
Adam Weaver

Congratulations to all of the nominees, and special congratulations to ACE Award winners Sam Hannigan (non-exempt category) and Vicki Shifflett (exempt category)!

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October Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please email

October 4 – Ed del Sordo, OTS

October 4 – Steve Kolb, Facilities Management

October 6 – Deanna Martinez, University Budget Office

October 7 – Rick Walsh, Facilities Management

October 8 – Bobby Zengel, Financial Services

October 9 – Larry Lay, Facilities Management

October 10 – Kevin Clancy, Facilities Management

October 10 – Bernie Hunter, Facilities Management

October 10 – Warren Riefner, Facilities Management

October 11 – Erna Kesler, Financial Services

October 11 – Dawn Kuessner, Financial Services

October 13 – Arthur Campbell, Facilities Management

October 15 – Dave Stansbury, Public Safety

October 16 – Kevin Petersen, Facilities Management

October 17 – Donna McLaughlin, Public Safety

October 17 – Thomas Quattrochi, Facilities Management

October 18 – Nicholas Holicky, Facilities Management

October 18 – Willie Stanfield, Facilities Management

October 21 – Dennis Bohlayer, Facilities Management

October 22 – Allen Welsh, Facilities Management

October 24 – Bob Jones, OTS

October 24 – Ria Zimmerman, Financial Services

October 25 – Carl Harris, Facilities Management

October 26 – Theodore Robinson, Auxiliary Services

October 27 – Thom Ruby, Bursar’s Office

October 28 – Gail Price, Human Resources

October 28 – Ellie Watts, Financial Services

October 28 – Chris McNeill, Facilities Management

October 31 – Ray Bastianelli, Facilities Management

October 31 – Bill Murphy, Auxiliary Services

October 31 – Linda O’Connor, Financial Services

October 31 – Aneika Peoples, Human Resources

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September Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please email

September 3 – John Kaczynski, Facilities Management

September 3 – John Kestler, Facilities Management

September 3 – Jeff Schmidt, OTS

September 5 – Donna M. Auvil, University Budget Office

September 5 – Stephanie Herpick, OTS

September 6 – Keith Brown, Financial Services

September 7 – Jennifer Stano, Human Resources

September 8 – Sue Brodie, Financial Services

Spetember 9 – Karen Davis, Auxiliary Services

September 10 – Joanne Bracken, OTS

September 12 – Corey Schmidt, Facilities Management

September 13 – Jay Bands, Facilities Management

September 13 – Sherry McKendry, Human Resources

September 13 – Don Sauer, Facilities Management

September 14 – Cathy Mattingly, University Budget Office

September 15 – Randy Hallameyer, Facilities Management

September 15 – Bill Meagher, Financial Services

September 16 – Sue Walsh, Bursar’s Office

September 16 – Jamie Uppercue, Financial Services

September 17 – Robert Keenan, Facilities Management

September 17 – Kim Tremper, Financial Services

September 18 – Susan Glaeser, Bursar’s Office

September 19 – Thomasina Anderson, Bursar’s Office

September 19 – Patricia Burke, OTS

September 20 – Robert Campbell, Auxiliary Services

September 20 – Beth Walsh, Auxiliary Services

September 22 – Bruce Campeggi, Auxiliary Services

September 22 – Lori Frantz, Auxiliary Services

September 23 – Rachel Morgan, Financial Services

September 23 – Michael Mellerson, Auxiliary Services

September 23 – Don McCree, Facilities Management

September 24 – Andy Martin, OTS

September 25 – Linda Makowske, Bursar’s Office

September 27 – Gail Vogel, Facilities Management

September 29- Gino Rinaudo, Facilities Management

September 29 – Karen Childs, Auxiliary Services

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August Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please email

8/ 3 – Mark Clark, Facilities Management

8/ 4 – Susan Brown, Auxiliary Services

8/ 4 – Rick Mankiewicz, Facilities Management

8/ 6 – Bill Kerfoot, Facilities Management

8/ 6 – Debbie Phillips, OHR

8/ 8 – Steve Cullum, Facilities Management

8/ 9 – Rob Neff, Facilities Management

8/ 10 – Sharon Freedman, OTS

8/ 10 – Dineli Weerasooriya, OTS

8/ 12 – Michael Lewis, Facilities Management

8/ 16 – Becky Mundschenk, OTS

8/ 17 – Greg Yackley, Auxiliary Services

8/ 19 – Sarah Hogge, Facilities Management

8/ 22 – Sara Griffin, Facilities Management

8/ 22 – Craig Turkington, OTS

8/ 22 – Rene Florendo, Facilities Management

8/ 22 – Levi Weathers, Facilities Management

8/ 23 – Tom Rose, Facilities Management

8/ 24 – Don Miller, Facilities Management

8/ 25 – Tracie Rusnak, Facilities Management

8/ 30 – Jose Ortiz, Facilities Management

8/ 31 – John Hook, Facilities Management

8/ 31 – Yvonne Stevenson, Auxiliary Services

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June Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please email

June 3 – Bob Cave, OTS

June 3 – Jim McAllen, Facilities Management

June 3 – Colleen Barsotti, Human Resources

June 5 – Rodney Urand, OTS

June 6 – Tom Durange, Facilities

June 7 – Leif Karlsen, Facilities

June 9 – Troy Lingelbach, Facilities

June 9 – Vicki Shifflett, Financial Services

June 10 – Richard Herbert, Auxiliary Services

June 12 –Joan Doremus, Auxiliary Services

June 13 – Marcos Alvarado, Facilities Management

June 15 – Lou Ciotola, Auxiliary Services

June 15 – Wade Keeney, Facilities Management

June 15 – Stacey Poe, Bursar’s Office

June 20 – Mike Fouche, OTS

June 20 – Donnie Sauer, Facilities Management

June 21 – Scott Luebben, Facilities Management

June 21 – Pam Mathias, Auxiliary Services

June 24 – Freddie Samuels, Facilities Management

June 27 – Kris Phillips, Facilities Management

June 28 – Cyndi Zile, Financial Services

Happy Birthday!

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Eric Martinez: a Boss, a Friend, an Outstanding Employee

by Tyler New

by Tyler New

I’ve had several bosses since I entered the workforce as a cashier at a local grill during my freshman year of high school, all of whom have been supportive, have been accommodating and have helped me grow. For example, my first boss, Rafael, would occasionally let me have dinner on the house to reward me for my hard work. He would even drive me home if closing the restaurant took longer than expected, saving me a long walk in the dark that literally went uphill both ways. Other bosses were supportive, too, and were flexible in scheduling my work hours; they always took my uncompromising high school schedule and my plethora of extracurricular activities into consideration when giving me my hours for each week.

Despite their generosity and their benevolence, however, I cannot select any one of these individuals to call the best boss I’ve ever had. The best boss I’ve had so far is Eric Martinez, who is leaving his position at Towson as A&F’s Divisional Communications Specialist for a position in Colorado on May 15. He has not only been exceptionally supportive, courteous and understanding of how my academic schedule intersects with my work schedule, but he is also a good friend.

As English majors, Eric and I already had common interests and a foundation for friendship when I first started working for him in July. Though we don’t always enjoy the same authors or works of literature—I can’t stand Chaucer, but Eric thinks that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread—we’ve always been able to discuss books that we’ve read, professors that we’ve had and classes that we’ve taken. As time went on we discovered that we have other interests in common, too—we both enjoy the show The Big Bang Theory, for example. Bazinga!

But the fact that Eric and I became friends isn’t why I consider him the best boss that I’ve ever had. He has also been extremely supportive and courteous, both to me and to my immediate coworker, Eric VanLieshout. I can always count on him to say, “Thank you for your help today,” when I leave either to go to class or to go home. Even if he is in a meeting when I leave, I inevitably receive a text from him when the meeting ends that thanks me for my help.

Eric has also helped me develop professionally, and he has always expressed unwavering confidence in my abilities. I was shocked when he asked for my help with the Annual Report; it spoke volumes about what he thought I was capable of. He was also very patient when I experienced the learning period that comes with almost every job during the first week or so. Such patience is not as common as one may think; I’ve heard many horror stories about how bosses deal with less than perfect employees during their first days. But Eric has not only been a mentor to myself and others; he himself has been a great employee and a great asset to both Towson and to the division.

Eric has a long history at Towson; he holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from TU, and he has worked with the division for quite some time, in various positions. Save for its graphic design, he is completely responsible for engineering and creating the innovative T3, an improved version of the Daily Digest; he wrote the B-CaUSE Report, a summary of important sustainability accomplishments and initiatives from several colleges in Maryland; and he has worked closely with the Go Green Initiative, engineering the “Trash the Ash” campaign, among other contributions. These accomplishments are not exhaustive, by any means; rather, these are just some of the things Eric has done since I started working for him. From what I have seen in my 10 months here—and he has worked at TU since 2008—Eric has proved to be invaluable to the division.

Colorado gained an outstanding worker in Eric Martinez. I wish him luck, though I know he won’t need it. I am sure that he will make the most of his time there, just as he did at Towson. So thank you, Eric, for your help.

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