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OTS Information Systems: PeopleSoft and ImageNow Applications Support Teams

by Lyn Kimmel

In 2012, many people take technology, the internet and information systems for granted; unaware of the extensive maintenance required maintaining these large networks and their infrastructure. Our Towson University Information Systems team provides technical PeopleSoft Applications and 3rd party vendor support services to maintain the administrative operations of TU to ensure effective functioning. The team works with their TU functional partners to plan, manage and develop administrative application projects, systems enhancements and production support initiatives and operations. These applications are used by faculty, students, parents, alumni, academic units and administrative support departments on a daily basis.

Under one lead director,  there is a PeopleSoft Security Software Analyst and three Applications Managers that lead a distinct team to provide application production support, project management and development, analysis, design, and testing for all PeopleSoft business support applications, ImageNow support and development efforts, and various 3rd party vendor application implementations and support operations.  In addition to production support, all major system upgrades and enhancement development projects are managed and performed by the Information Systems teams. In the past rolling calendar year, this team has received 463 requests for application support and completed an impressive 388 of those requests.  The outstanding requests are currently in progress.

The PeopleSoft Security Software Analyst, Donna Taylor, serves in a key position supporting all PeopleSoft Applications and functional areas.  The Security Analyst works with data custodians from each functional department to ensure all roles and permissions are accurately defined and controlled, protecting access to critical University data.

The Student Administration group is our largest PeopleSoft support team and is led by Manager Steve Kettinger, supported by a Lead Application Developer, three Senior Applications Developers, one Application Developer, two Senior Business Analysts and one ImageNow Systems Administrator. This team supports all Student Administration functional departments and routinely manages a considerable quantity of system support requests.

The Financials Applications PeopleSoft support team is led by Manager Karen Michalak, supported by one Project Manager, three Senior Applications Developers, one Application Developer, one Business Analyst and one ImageNow Systems Administrator. This team supports all University Financials Administration PeopleSoft initiatives, 3rd party application implementations, and leads most major cross division development and implementation projects.

The Human Capital Management & Personnel Acquisition and Consolidation (PACS) Applications team is led by Manager Terry Love, supported by Terry and two Senior Applications Developer Analysts.  This team supports all University Human Resources and Payroll Applications plus HR data change file consolidations between PACS Universities and State of Maryland Central Payroll Bureau.  In addition, to advance operational efficiency, this team performs development for significant HR and Payroll enhancement projects.

Our Information Systems team members are highly skilled technical resources. They consistently demonstrate professionalism and agility striving to meet the diverse concurrent systems support requests of our functional partners and allows our PeopleSoft systems to process efficiently.

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PeopleSoft Financials: Stepped Up Communication and Training Efforts

By Donna Amoriello

Financial Services is stepping up its communications and training efforts to highlight the many benefits and features of PeopleSoft Financials.  

Since the initial conversion in FY 2009, the nVision budget reports have greatly improved.  With the latest upgrade to 9.1 and the elimination of HTML, running nVision reports has become even more user-friendly.  The Excel formatted ‘Department All Transaction Report’ (DAT), with its detailed comprehensive transaction information, has become the main budget report for many departments.  No longer is it necessary to run separate drill-down reports to see current details behind a number. 

Of course, the potential of PeopleSoft Financials technology is growing!  Patches and upgrades are continually occurring as the capability of PeopleSoft Financials grows.  To stay ahead, Financial Services reviews and updates its training processes and materials to ensure that the TU campus users are aware of the latest features.

The PeopleSoft Financials Training website has been redesigned to include easy to follow step-by-step “How To” documents and tutorials.  The campus now has a direct link for scheduling one-on-one or group training sessions with the recently created email address, which is included on the seminar website. 

Workshops are currently being designed for either the seasoned or the new department user.   Attendees will have the opportunity to sign up for shorter workshops focused on specific features in order to continue to build their knowledge, at their own pace.

In addition, our grant users can now attend a PeopleSoft Financials training session immediately following the Office of University Research Services Post Award Grant Management Workshop, providing them with a comprehensive look at the grant budget process.

Additional workshops are being planned and will be available on the Financial Services Seminar Website soon!

With regular communications and renewed training efforts, Financial Services remains dedicated to assisting TU’s faculty and staff with their budget needs.

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