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...as did Kristi Yowell, with her two sons.

Photos from the A&F tailgate

We’d like to think Administration & Finance had a little something to do with the Tigers’ latest win. A huge turnout came to the A&F Tailgate Saturday,…

A day fishing with OTS

This blog often covers the daily work lives of A&F staff, but rarely have we shared our colleagues’ lives outside of the office. This summer, I got a glimpse into OTS’s work…

A fond farewell to an OTS friend

OTS Network Project Engineer Brenda Yarema will be retiring from TU as of April 1, taking with her decades of institutional knowledge and insight. Though her retirement…

OTS Team Steps Out

The OTS Information Technology Support Centers Team (OTS Training, Web Team, CIAT, Multimedia Services, Instructional Design, and Blackboard groups) has made an effort to step out…


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