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Meet the Staff: Terry Love

By Lyn Kimmel

Terry Love joined Towson University as a Senior PeopleSoft Application Developer in June 2010.   Terry established her ability to do an exceptional job for OTS as she successfully took on simultaneous roles as analyst, systems designer, developer and leader. 

Terry quickly advanced to Manager and seamlessly incorporated her technical and Application Manager roles. In this role Terry cross trains her staff and continually mentors them to grow both their technical and application skills.

Terry demonstrates solid communication and coordination skills.  She leads several functional areas, including multiple universities and state of Maryland Central Payroll Bureau in simultaneously designing, building and delivering a centralized HR consolidation system and website.   Several technical initiatives that are important to the university were efficiency completed simultaneously under Terry’s leadership including automating the 10 Month Faculty Timesheets and the Faculty Automated Contracts System.

Terry Love standing in front of six university flags, one from each of the schools in the PACS system she designed, developed and manages will support.

In addition, Terry was involved in the PACS system and took charge of a comprehensive USM concept; she designed, developed and managed the significant USM/CPB consolidation processing requirements. Thanks to Terry’s efforts the consolidated PACS concept became a reality. 

During her time at TU Terry also focused on her professional growth by completing her Master’s of Science degree at Towson University.  She did this while tirelessly working full time in OTS and single handedly managing her family and household needs.

Outside of the workplace Terry keeps herself busy too!  She is a long standing active participant with the Center for Adults with Autism, right here on campus. She enjoys music, traveling, spending time “as both mother and daughter” with her family.  She recently traveled with her extended family to California, Daytona Beach and Key West Florida.

Terry is self motivated, her vitality and commitment to doing a good job are unwavering. Successfully juggling so many responsibilities, Terry has proven to be a person that thrives with challenges.  She’s repeatedly proven that she can be counted on to deliver.  Terry’s a real team player and an asset to OTS, Towson University and USM as a whole. We are fortunate to salute Terry as our TU OTS colleague.

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Office of Human Resources Welcomes Tia Halstead to TU

By Robbi Hairston Flood

Tia Halstead comes to TU with contagious optimism and a wealth of HR knowledge. Over the years she has worked in recruiting, compensation & benefits, and Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

In her current role Tia works as a Recruiter in the Office of Human Resources (OHR).

With a smile Tia says, “For me Towson University is an employer of choice. It’s known for its high academic standards. It’s a privilege to work here and help build on the mission of the University.”

So far, she has had the opportunity to communicate with a lot of staff by email and phone, but she hopes to ‘put a name with the face’ very soon.

Tia Halstead

“I enjoy meeting the staff and students. Everyone has been so knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating,” Tia states.

As much as Tia enjoys her job, she wants to do a lot more than extend employment offers at TU. She hopes to take advantage of all that the university has to offer: academics, arts and athletics.

Tia is currently studying for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification, with plans to enroll in the Human Resources Development Master’s program in 2013.  She is excited for the opportunity to further her professional development and the tuition remission is an added bonus!

Outside of work, Tia finds time to participate in various activities. She relaxes with DIY home projects, interior decorating, gardening and traveling.  She also keeps a busy schedule attending her son’s sporting activities and definitely considers herself a “Basketball Mom.”

Tia shares, “Maybe one day my son will play for Towson University; I’m here to stay!”

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TU Hosts Special Olympics Maryland

By Briana Cabibbo

Two weeks ago Towson University played host to some very special guests: the Special Olympics Maryland (SOMD).  The SOMD have provided children and adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate and compete in organized sports since 1970. In more recent years, the organization has initiated a program called “Unified Partners” which allows peers without intellectual disabilities to compete side by side with the athletes to teach sports skills and form friendships. 

The weekend of June 8 marked the 42nd annual Summer Special Olympics in Maryland and the 35th ceremony to be held at Towson.  Over the course of the weekend 1,400 Special Olympic athletes, 200 Unified Partners and countless volunteers flooded the campus for the games.   Due to construction on campus TU partnered with Coppin State and Cockeysville Middle School to share their facilities for some of the events.  TU also hosted 1,150 guests in overnight accommodations during the games.  

The Torch Run and Opening Ceremonies took place on Friday at the Towson Center, marking the beginning of the event.  At the Opening Ceremonies Chief of Police, Bernie Gerst, was presented with an award from the SOMD to express their appreciation of the all effort TU puts into planning and hosting the games. 

And then the games began!  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday athletes competed in cheerleading, track and field events, bocce ball, softball and various aquatic events.  Overall, the games were a great success and great time had by all.

To learn more about the Special Olympics Maryland, visit and check out the pictures from this year’s event.

Bernie Gerst, Chief of Police for Towson University, receiving an award from SOMD.

The lighting of the Olympic torch

Athletes competing in the 100M dash.

A play being made during one of many softball games that took place at the SOMD.

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Meet the Blog’s New Editor-in-Chief, Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez joined the Division of Administration and Finance on June 4 as the Divisional Communications Specialist. Eric graduated from Towson University with his Bachelor’s in English Literature and has a wealth of experience working in Financial Services. As the Divisional Communications Specialist, Eric will develop and implement marketing and communications plans for divisional initiatives and draft speeches, presentations, and byline columns. Get to know our new editor-in-chief with the following Q&A:

What initially drew you to Towson?

Living in Colorado really didn’t leave me with much room for advancement, so I went searching for jobs that would better my personal and professional goals. I came across a contingent position that had a lot of potential for growth, and that was working for the PeopleSoft Financials Team. I had experience with software integration, and the position that I applied for was geared towards the transition from FRS to web-based software (PeopleSoft Financials). I applied for the position and got hired after I moved from Denver to Baltimore. I enjoy working in the campus environment because it allows for scholastic advancement and professional growth.

What projects are you working on at TU?

For Financial Services, I recently completed a project that involves the workflow process for all Economic and Community Outreach grants. The essential function of the process is to maintain an electronic time stamp for how long it takes the grants to move from point A to point B. I worked with a programming student to have the program be as simple and straightforward as possible. In my new position with the Office of Administration and Finance, I am starting to brainstorm my plans for the annual Operating Budget and Plan and the Administration and Finance Annual Report.

How was the transition from your previous job to here?

I have fallen on opposite ends of the spectrum with my new job. Working in Financial Services as their Project Specialist, my primary focus was to assist new users with PeopleSoft Financials, analyze forecasting trends for three departments, and create workflow documentation to assist the campus users with PeopleSoft functionality. No longer working with PeopleSoft Financials, I get to utilize my writing and marketing abilities that focuses more with the Division of Administration and Finance.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at past jobs?

I really enjoyed working on the design and implementation of the new vault for the Auraria Campus Bookstore when I lived in Colorado. I was the Accounting Supervisor for the bookstore and the majority of my work focused around the daily reconciliation of cash, credit card, and check flow for the three universities on campus. I designed the blue-prints for specifications and worked closely with the contractors to ensure proper safety protocol. Once the project was complete, I redesigned the cash-flow process for all cash handlers within Auxiliary Services and implemented the training program that is still in use today.

Welcome, Eric! If you have suggestions or story ideas for Dollars & Common Sense, feel free to contact Eric at or x4-2790.

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Meet the Staff: Barb Hufnagel

By Lucy Slaich

Most of you know Barbara Hufnagel as the University’s tireless advocate for small and minority business – but when she joined the University staff in 1986 as a clerk-typist, she couldn’t have imagined how her current business card would read.

A young mother of three, Barb advanced in Facilities Management through the secretarial ranks, then moved over to the accounting series and finally to Financial Transactions Supervisor/Procurement Coordinator.  Along the way, she was named 1991’s “Most Valuable Employee” by the State of Maryland Department of Personnel, and earned a 1992 Governor’s Citation.

Barb Hufnagel

Noting Barb’s skills and experience, Procurement tapped her for the newly-created position of Contract Administrator in 2000. Not content with a single role, she quickly assumed responsibility for the University’s minority business enterprise (MBE) program and in 2001 was appointed by Chancellor Kirwan to represent University System of Maryland (USM) on the state’s Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Committee. She continues to serve this group, reviewing applications from prospective MBEs to confirm that they’re qualified for certification under Maryland’s program — the most stringent minority business program in the U.S.

Thanks to Barb’s efforts, Towson University is recognized by state leaders as “tops in MBE best practices.” She led TU to first-place MBE standing in USM for the years 2004, 2006 and 2007, and earned us the 2005 MBE Gold Service Award from the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs. And last (but certainly not least), TU achieved the state’s 25% MBE procurement goal for the first time in FY2011.

While Barb was drawing statewide notice for her outstanding MBE work, the State of MD launched a new Small Business Reserve (SBR) program, with the statutory mandate that every state agency award 10% of its procurements to vendors officially registered as small businesses. She was a natural to take on that program, and once again, her business card reflects a “hyphenated” position:  Contract Administrator/MBE and SBR Liaison.

Despite a broad range of responsibilities that includes service on TU’s Diversity Action Committee, Barb takes time to personally welcome each new minority or small business vendor who contacts Procurement about TU business opportunities. She says that the best part of her workday is when a TU employee who needs to make a purchase contacts her to ask, “Does a small or minority businesses offer what we need?”

Today, MBE and SBR efforts consume the majority of her time – but Barb’s business card doesn’t reveal what her former colleagues in Facilities Management also know: That she’s a dedicated and effective buyer of maintenance and small construction projects for her former department. It does reflect, however, that she earned the Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) designation in 2005.

Now a young grandmother, Barbara was recognized at the May 2012 Service Awards for 25 years with Towson University. With so many responsibilities, the time has surely flown – as fast as the NASCAR races she loves.

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Personnel Announcement

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the lives of your colleagues? Check out the information below to find out. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail

June Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please e-mail

June 3 – Bob Cave, OTS

June3 – Jim McAllen, Facilities Management

June 5 – James Andrew, Auxiliary Services

June 6 – Tom Durange, Facilities

June 7 – Leif Karlsen, Facilities

June 9 – Troy Lingelbach, Facilities

June 9 – Vicki Shifflett, Fiscal Planning and Services

June 10 – Richard Herbert, Auxiliary Services

June 10 – Marc Stephan, Auxiliary Services

June 12 –Joan Doremus, Auxiliary Services

June 15 – Lou Ciotola, Auxiliary Services

June 15 – Wade Keeney, Facilities Management

June 15 – Stacey Poe, Fiscal Planning and Services

June 20 – Mike Fouche, OTS

June 21 – Scott Luebben, Facilities Management

June 21 – Pam Mathias, Auxiliary Services

June 24 – Freddie Samuels, Facilities Management

June 26 – Mark Behrens, Facilities Management

June 27 – Kris Phillips, Facilities Management

June 28 – Cyndi Zile, Fiscal Planning and Services

June 29 – Curt Pendleton, Facilities Management

News & Announcements

Thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication this year’s Annual Employee Appreciation Picnic was a success, even with all that rain! Check out some pictures from the event below.

Towson’s Annual Employee Appreciation Picnic was held on June 1 in the Union Garage.

New Hires, Retirements & Resignations

June 1 marked Ron Grieb’s last day at TU and the beginning of his retirement.

Amie Voith will be leaving A&F on June 19 to pursue a new job opportunity at CertifiKid.

Best wishes, Ron and Amie!  You will both be missed.

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Two Thumbs Up for Virtual Permits

By Jaslynn Hutley

Parking Services began using virtual parking permits for the first time this academic year. The department used a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system which enabled better management of the parking resources.  The LPR system involves an electronic database consisting of cameras that are used to scan license plates and ensure that vehicles are parked on campus correctly.

When first introduced last April, the virtual permit system claimed to have many advantages including immediate registration, diminishing the use of physical hangtags, better enforcement and a significant decrease in parking citations.

After its first year, the virtual system indeed accomplished these goals.  Faculty, staff and students were able to purchase permits online and register up to three vehicles to their permit, making parking on campus more convenient.  The LPR also facilitated enforcement which led to more parking availability for paid permit holders.

With virtual permits, there is no longer a need for actual hangtags, which sometimes can be a hassle when you drive multiple vehicles to campus. The decrease in use of physical hangtags, except for vendors and TU vehicles, has also resulted in a decrease in the use of funds for mailing and printing permits.

Virtual permits not only cut down on costs, but they cut down on citations as well. Parking and Transportation experienced a 10% decrease in issued parking citations for this academic year compared to the 2010-2011 academic year.  So let’s have two thumbs up for fewer citations!

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Safety Drills Prepare Campus for Potential Violence

By Susanna Craine

On a Monday morning in early May classes were ongoing, but  Dean Ray Lorion’s  conference room  held  more than fifteen people in lime green vests who were about to disperse through the building.  There was no threat in Hawkins Hall, but a most important campus activity was focused there.  The people in lime green vests were going to do a “Shelter in Place” activity, which is designed to make TU a safer place.  Their roles would be as safety officers, monitors and evaluators.

The “Shelter in Place” activity occurred in Hawkins Hall.

The activity has become a necessity as the concept of campuses as sanctuaries exempt from violence has been challenged over and over in the past several years.   A recent government report analyzed 272 acts of violence against specific targets on college campuses in 42 states and the District of Columbia between 1900 and 2008.  A total of 281 deaths resulted.  Of those, 190 were students and 72 employees and another 247 were injured.  All the ivy and good educational intentions in the world do not add up to guaranteed safety.

The genesis of such violence is usually insanity of a sort, something over which there is not much control.   But there is a way of addressing that through anticipation and practice.  Thus, the exercise in Hawkins Hall, TU’s first, will be followed by others in different academic and administrative buildings. Ultimately the whole campus will have been put through these paces. 

What is involved?  Simply speaking, the exercise is about strategic barricading.  Common areas in buildings (even outside of buildings) are vulnerable and must be cleared.  It is best for any student, faculty or staff to find a way into a room or area with a door.  Doors should be locked or barricaded with furniture.   Windows should be covered if possible and interior walls chosen as the place to cluster near.  Lights should be extinguished. 

While this sounds simple, affecting it under duress is not.  That is why the concept and the planning must be visited and re-visited.  The promise from the Office of Emergency Preparedness is that it will be.  Corporal Joseph Gregory of TUPD conducted the first drill and is already involved in planning the next one.  His colleagues in the Office of Environmental Health and Safety are heavily committed. 

The first effort was a resounding success.  Let us support with our awareness and conscious attention the next and the next until we all know the drill.

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The Annual Employee Appreciation Picnic Is Here

It’s that time of year again, time for the Annual Employee Appreciation Picnic at Towson University.  Employees in Auxiliary Services have been hard at work planning for this event and it is sure to be a great one!  The picnic will be from 4 to 8 p.m. today, June 1, and it has been moved to the University Union Garage due to the forecasted thunderstorms.  Faculty, staff, student employees, Towson University Marriott, Chartwells and ABM staff and their immediate family members will be getting together to enjoy free food, fun and games.  A cash bar will also be available.  As if that wasn’t enough, everyone will have the chance to enter raffles to win one of these great prizes!

  • Free TU annual parking permit
  • Medieval Times tickets
  • Kindle Fire
  • Free Zumba classes
  • Lawn care service for one year
  • 24” LCD Flatscreen TV
  • Fire pit
  • Plus more than 40 more!

Don’t let the stormy weather get you down, the picnic is guaranteed to be a bright spot in your day.  Hope to see you in the Union!

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