Q&A with New Facilities Project Manager Lisa Taylor

By Brenda Kempa

Lisa Taylor joined the Facilities Management Department in March as a Project Manager for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction group.  Lisa graduated from the Catholic University of America with her Masters in Architecture and has a wealth of experience in commercial and government projects.  As a Project Manager, Lisa manages new projects on campus. 

 What drew you to Towson?

I had been looking for a job in the university environment because I enjoy working in a community setting.  It’s exciting and rewarding to see the projects I’ve worked on come to fruition and being able to see the people who are benefitting from them.  The campus community is lively, and I know my projects are going to good use.

What projects are you working on at TU?

The Towson Run kitchen and bathroom renovations, the new elevator in the Media Center, repairs and renovations to the University Union stair tower and soffit, as well as various Academic Affairs projects, including renovations for new office spaces and improvements to existing offices, labs and classroom spaces. 

Lisa Taylor

How was the transition from your previous job to here?

My previous job was more design-oriented, and I’ve come from a background of working at small firms where I had to be well-rounded in all aspects.  However, my job at Towson requires me to be specific to certain aspects of the projects I am working on.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at past jobs?

I really enjoyed some of the upscale restaurant projects I’ve worked on in the past, especially the Blue House in Kenilworth.  I also managed the regional new construction for Starbucks.  I have a background in architecture but I also have my interior license, which I love because I think the interior of a building is just a continuation of the exterior.

Who are some of your favorite architects?  What about your favorite places architecturally?

Some of my favorite architects are Renzo Piano, who has worked on various projects around the world, as well as KieranTimberlake, an architecture firm in Philadelphia that is known for its Loblolly House.  I love traveling, and Europe is especially interesting from the architectural standpoint, because of the age of the buildings and their unique historical values.

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