University Store Goes Bagless

By Stacy Elofir

Gasp!  No bags at the University Store?  What if it rains?  What about the families and the armfuls of swag that they purchase?  How will they carry everything? 

In fall 2011 I was approached by the SGA to support efforts to get a little greener here on campus.  What could we do as the students’ University Store to make an impact on the initiative?  Last year, the Ustore went “bagless” for two weeks with little trouble or complaint from our customers.  We offered inexpensive re-usable bags and were pretty proud of ourselves, but we wondered if two weeks was enough of a commitment.

Other universities across the country have gone bagless and in California you are charged.  I said “Charged!?… For a bag!?”  This would encourage me to carry my own bag if I had to pay five cents each time I was forgetful.
The SGA took the idea to the students and across campus in the form of a survey.  The survey was given to 511 people and the results positively supported the removal of plastic shopping bags.  The SGA then crafted Resolution #17, or the Bagless Initiative, in favor of having bags available for only the first and last two weeks of the semester.

The University Store is promoting bagless shopping this semester.

Well, February 13,2012 marked the beginning of the third week of class and the beginning of, you guessed it, the Bagless Initiative.  What will this mean to those of us that shop at the Ustore?  It means you will no longer be asked at the register, “Would you like a bag?”  It will be assumed that you do not.  I will make sure the cashiers have a double secret stash of emergency bags and if a customer really needs one all they have to do is ask.  But you do have to ask!
Help us to support SGA Resolution  #17 and our  efforts to get a little greener! When you stop by to see us, please ask yourself, “Do I really need that bag?”
If you’re interested in reading more about going bagless, click here!


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